Sandakan Memorial Park

The Sandakan Memorial Park is built on the former grounds of the Sandakan camp during WWII. The site was known notoriously as the Prisoner of War (POW) Camp where Australian and British prisoners were held by the Japanese. The memorial park commemorates the tragedy that befell Sandakan in 1945, and is dedicated to the fallen soldiers who died during the Sandakan Death Marches.

The park is situated just 11 km outside of Sandakan in the suburbs of Taman Rimba. Wonderfully landscape with flowering plants and shady trees, it gives visitors a sense of peace and inspiration as they take a stroll through the memorial park. Around the park, visitors can find the remains of an old rusting excavator, a boiler and a generator all unmoved and in their original spots located near the steps leading up to the Commemorative Pavilion.

There is also a mini museum located within the memorial park, displaying photographs during the WWII in Sandakan as well as a Documentary video that tells about its history. If you love history and want to learn more about the POW and WWII in Sandakan, stop by at the Sandakan War Memorial Park.

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