Selingan Island offers 25 comfortable rooms each with air-condition, en-suite bathroom and twin-beds.

The facilities here are basic but clean as it offers the turtle watching experience and conservation of the island and not so much on luxury stay, so bear that in mind when you come to visit. There is a small cafeteria that serves buffet style meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner included in your package. You may also find limited choice of alcoholic beverages here for purchase.

If you need to get snacks or taking home some souvenir, there is a souvenir shop. An exhibition hall is to provide more insights on the conservation effort and about the turtles.

25 rooms


en-suite bathroom with basic amenities

each room has twin-beds




Souvenir Shop

Exhibition hall

Snorkeling gear for hire


  • Make sure you pack light when travel to Selingan Island
  • Beachwear
  • Sun block
  • Personal toiletries
  • Torch light
  • Insect repellent
  • Drinking water bottle
  • Walking shoes
  • Bino culars
  • Camera
  • Hat & raincoat


  • Note: (November-February) Please be advised that our trip to Selingan Island involves boat journey via the Sulu Sea. In the event of inclement weather condition during or before the boat journey, the company will have the absolute discretion to cancel or postpone the trip if it is deemed that the journey will jeopardize the safety of our passengers. In the event of cancellation, a replacement tour will be offered. The company will not be liable for any compensation.
  • For any camera (phone, digital or still camera) for personal use are chargeable at RM10.00 PER UNIT for conservation permit purposes. Please note that FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY AND VIDEO TAKING IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

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